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The Destructive Power Of The IRS!

Lauren - Dupage Cheerleader
The IRS destroys families. Thanks to the IRS, I am visiting my daughter instead of living with her.

Iiams Painting & Drywall
The Painting and Drywall business the IRS destroyed.

The Shufflebowl game company the IRS destroyed. The patent for this game was seized by the IRS and sold for $600.00. They refused to give me the 15 years of the patent they stole from me. They said "They are the government. They didn't have to."


End The IRS!

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(April 22, 2013)

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Web Site Contents

The web page describes my 15-year fight with the extortionist of the IRS. After this battle with the IRS cost me my marriage, my daughter, two businesses and bankrupted me, the Senate Finance Committee investigating IRS abuse not only found me not guilty but stated that there was no reason for the IRS to do this to me in the first place. The IRS then reluctantly made me an 8-figure repayment agreement of which I collected $20,693. The IRS then reneged on the agreement after I refused to not publish the web page and the book and to give up my right to sue them. The web page describes how "with your help" we can legally eliminate the IRS once and for all.

q       The Protest Letter.  The entire purpose of this website is to put the IRS out of business.  By downloading the protest letter, which has my signature and my return address and by mailing it to the IRS using my return address, each one of you can protest the actions of the IRS without fear of retaliation.  It’s my name, my return address.  It’s me they will come after and I’m not afraid of them.  I want this fight.  Bring it on 

Presently you send the IRS one letter a year, your income tax return.  By downloading and mailing one protest letter a year, you have increased their workload by 100%.  By sending one letter a month, you have increased their workload by 1200%.  By sending one letter a week, you have increased their workload by 5200%.  And, one letter a day will increase their workload by 36,500%.  No business on earth, let alone any government agency can handle this kind of increase in workload.  They will be forced to go to President Bush and say we need a better tax system because the IRS will not be able to process anything except protest letters.  We are confident the IRS will be put out of business by the American people because it has hurt far too many people, destroyed far too many families, and abused its awesome power far too often.  Simply put.  Once the word gets out to the American people, there will be more than enough protest letters going to the IRS to put them out of business. 

To begin the protest, we are targeting the Cincinnati, Ohio office of the IRS.  By centrally locating the protest in the beginning or by concentrating our efforts on one IRS office, we will show the American people this will work.

This is the only way to peacefully and legally force the IRS out of business.  The Senate Finance Committee Hearings on IRS abuse proved that our politicians will not. Remember, it was the politicians who not only created the IRS, but after hearing of the abuses of the American people by IRS before the Senate Finance Committee, they didn't punish the IRS they gave it a raise in funding to increase its onslaught of terror on the American public.  

q       Excerpts From the Book.  This contains the last chapter and a half of the book and provides an overview of my fight with local government and the legal system and then having them  force-feed me to the extortionists from the IRS.   It illustrates the absolute power this agency has and explains how and why it should be abolished.  The book excerpts can be downloaded for free.

q       Download the Book.  This is the entire history of my involvement with government from start to finish, from what happened locally to my being cleared by the Senate Finance Committee investigating IRS abuse.

The Book

q       Documents and Exhibits.  Here you will find threatening letters from the IRS, levies and notices of seizure and other documented evidence of my case against the IRS.  It also includes the last threatening letter I received from the IRS dated 12-18-00, along with my letter to them and a copy of the check that I was forced to send them again. 

q       Articles and Photos.  Here you will find confirmation from independent sources of the practices of the IRS and the case against it.  Coverage of the Senate Finance Committee hearings on IRS abuse is included here. 

q       Stay Informed.  This section of the website, which is updated weekly,  keeps you informed of the progress of the protest movement.   Included here are the KNAK interview with Donald E. Iiams, Jr. and a list of radio stations (past and future interviews).  As tapes of other interviews become available, they will be posted here as well.     

q       From The Desk Of Donald E. Iiams, Jr..

I will be the first one to admit the protest movement appears to be a battle between David and Goliath. Most of us have been told over and over again that you can’t fight city hall, let alone the federal government.  But, if you look at my track record, I did it.  Granted, I took a 13 year beating from the extortionist of the IRS before the Senate Finance Committee found me not guilty, over the phone, without any help from accountants or attorneys. Everyone would say that is impossible, but I did it.

Now instead of trying to sue the IRS for the rest of my life in a court that they own, I decided to take my fight to the American people. I understand that most people do not have a great amount of time or money “thanks to the Government taking over half of your money  to do anything extra, let alone fight the Government. I also understand why most people are not willing to stand up and fight back against the IRS, let alone initiate the fight.  I personally know how abusive the IRS can become in order to have its way with you and your assets. Keeping this in mind, I believe that we have devised a way for you to fight back against the Abuse of the American people by the IRS and BIG GOVERNMENT.

In September of 2000 I founded endtheirs.org., a website devoted to putting the IRS out of Business.  I started this organization with my own money to prove that it would work before I asked anyone else to get involved.  I am proud and thrilled to say that our “ write in Protest” against the IRS is working better than I ever expected. As of today, August 14th 2001 we have had 16,473 hits on our website, hundreds of phone calls on our 800 number and we have been on 96 radio talk shows, and we’re accomplishing all this on a part time basis. I have received a half of dozen calls from a person that said they work in the IRS  processing center in Kentucky. They told me that presently there are over 50,000 protest letters going to the processing center a month and that we are now a slight irritation but that they are concerned that we will become a major problem.

The key to winning this fight to put the IRS out of business, legally and peacefully, is getting our message out to enough people to get the protest campaign into high gear. We have already proven that when people hear what we have to say, they are more than willing to participate and send the protest letters into the IRS office in Cincinnati.

My goal is to get this battle over with and totally put the IRS out of business, in a 2 to 3 year period. I don’t want to be doing this for the rest of my life, I want to get this over as quick as possible and go back to living a normal life without the fear of the extortionist of the IRS coming back to pay me another visit. From what I have experienced, there is nothing or no one on earth that can stop the IRS from coming back and doing it again.

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate AM and FM talk radio. Without them allowing us free air-time to talk about our IRS protest, we would be at ground zero.  In other words, thank God for AM and FM Talk Shows.  But once again, for this to work, we need to get the word out to millions of people that there is a way for them to fight back.  This is where we really could use your help. Call your local radio stations and tell them that you would like them to interview us on their talk show.

Let’s be realistic about this. There is no possible way I can ever accomplish this without your continued help and support. You are the key to making this work.  First and foremost is sending the Protest letter to the IRS in Cincinnati as often as possible. That is how we  achieve our goal of shutting down the IRS. Secondly, how a Grass Roots movement grows is by Word of Mouth. You tell ten people and they each tell ten people and they each tell ten more people and you grow in numbers quickly.

We need you to stay informed and stay involved and the only way to do this is by communicating with each other.  We want you to know what we are doing, what we are accomplishing. That way you can accurately inform those 10 other people how things are going and keep them involved. And we want to know how you are doing. We want to share with you and have you share with us what is working and what is not. That way we can all be the most effective. I am going to tell you this right now, it feels great to fight back especially when you see that you can win and make a difference.

The Government and the Politicians are stealing our rights, our liberties, our freedom and our country.  Let’s take it back, Legally and Peacefully.


Donald E. Iiams, Jr.

If you would like to help organize others in your local community, please contact us by e-mail at diiams@endtheirs.org, or by phone at  (419) 340-9407.

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